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Locate top service-providers across 40+ countries

Search for 200+ services from reputed content service-providers for your target markets.

Identify yet-undiscovered, local players in foreign markets offering specialist services.

Benefit from a standardised universal services taxonomy to aid vendor/partner discovery.


Take the guesswork out of cross-border vendor/ partner selection

Take emotion & human error out while selecting content partners, with up-to-date vendor credentials.

Engage with shortlisted, cross-border vendors inside Vitrina's Deal Center.


Launch global tenders for price & Quality optimization

Initiate Global Tenders & RFPs to get competitive quotes for price & quality optimization.

Negotiate & transact with cross-border studios, service-provider vendors, remotely & virtually, inside Vitrina’s Deal Center.

Win with multiple competing bids to get the best quality, terms & SLAs.

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Find the right content service-providers in your target markets, instantaneously

Global Vendor Search

Identify the best matched vendor/partner based on your defined criteria across 40+ markets

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Engage & negotiate with service providers inside Vitrina Deal Center

Multiple Competing Bids

Win with multiple competing bids to get the best quality, terms & SLAs

Credentials & Reputation

Partner with the most reputed content services companies/ studios in your desired markets