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Vitrina AI is a San Francisco Bay Area headquartered company, backed by amongst others the prestigious SRI International (Stanford Research Institute), and led by a highly experienced team of media experts, technologists and data scientists. The company is building a totally new and massively disruptive worldwide platform for the video entertainment industry to facilitate and simplify International cross-border transactions. Imagine working to solve problems for the most iconic streaming platforms, movie studios, production houses and TV networks across the globe!

What we are building

With the world’s most powerful, AI-powered, search engine to find content partners including studios, distributors, content service providers, broadcasters and streaming companies globally, Vitrina’s goal is to simplify transactions in the business of global video.

Vitrina is growing and we will be hiring Technical and Non-Technical backgrounds at a variety of different levels. These roles will be foundational for Vitrina, with successful candidates having every chance to become a key component of the long-term strategy for the Vitrina organization.

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Our Team & Values

Team Vitrina

We think as a team, work as a team and support each other as a team. We take pride in making sure everyone has everything they need to show up as their best selves.

"Gritty, Tenacious Diggers"

One of Vitrina’s advisors used this phrase to describe the team - and we agree! Once we identify a problem to solve or a product to develop, we relentlessly pursue the solution and iterate. “Keep digging - no quitting”.

Customer & Industry Problems

We own our customer’s problems and constantly search for ways to solve them. If there’s anything that keeps us awake at night, it’s an unresolved customer problem.


Improving decisions at every single desk in the company is second nature to Team Vitrina. A mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve, and we work as a team to analyze, debate in detail and finally improve.

Intellectual Honesty

Our team members are not rigid in their personal views while debating newer projects, products or methods. There is appreciation for contrarian ideas and a code of intellectual honesty to make sure the best ideas win!

Job Openings

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Customer Success Manager
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